Membrane Drysuits

Ask any seasoned diver about Otter, and they’ll always say drysuits. Or ask them to name a trusted brand, and odds-on it’ll be Otter again. Our trilaminate drysuits are renowned across the world, for their quality of build and incredible durability. It’s not by accident you see so many Otter drysuits worn by professionals in diving programmes on television. They’re built to perform dive after dive, year after year.

Otter Atlantic drysuits come in a range of materials, including super-tough kevlar, heavy-duty trilaminate and our lightweight Ultralite option. We offer military and commercial versions too.

Each suit is carefully cut and assembled by a single craftsperson, to the exact specification of the buyer. Whether ordered online or in person, every suit is unique and tailored to the exact needs of the customer. This might be front-mounted pockets for a sidemount diver, DIR-position dump valves or just a particular colour combination.

All our drysuits can be made to measure, with measurements either taken by our showroom team, or at home with a friend. We cannot recommend made-to-measure enough, as it’s the best way to achieve a perfect fit.

Take a look below at our range of membrane drysuits. You’ll not be disappointed.

Questions? Just call us on 01274 379480. It’s nearly always easier and faster to have a conversation.

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