Military/Commercial Drysuit

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Otter Military/Commercial products are designed for use in tough dock or rig working environments, especially where pollution is an issue. Our tough rubber surface is impervious to most oils and chemicals. When exposed to such pollution the RubberSkin is easily degreased or decontaminated. This suit is flexible and abrasion resistant, stocked in 16 standard sizes plus 6 NATO sizes and also available as made to measure.

When the going gets tough and the work is rough these suits are able to cope.

Military grade suits are a 4-laminate RubberSkin material. A space age material designed by Otter, RubberSkin goes beyond all other manufacturers.

This unique 4-laminate material has plenty of stretch and a soft feel. Constructed from a three laminate cloth, a non-perishable rubber is applied as an outer coating making this a 4-laminate material, two of the layers are polyester-based for high durability and two rubber based for environmental protection.

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