Otter Watersports has a history of supporting major diving expeditions, providing top quality srysuits for trips that challenge and inspire.

In the past we have supported trips such as:

  • Lampedusa, Malta, 2001
  • Rockall 2003
  • HMS Victoria 2005
  • Jordan 2009
  • Dahab record breaker 2011

and trips to Britannic in 1997, 2003 and 2012.

We are currently supporting the crew of the Diving Vessel Tenacious in their Lusitania expedition. This celebrated team have an illustrious history of discovery behind them, as detailed in the book Where Divers Dare by Randall Peffer.

We are supplying the crew with Atlantic Kevlar drysuits for the expedition.

Find D/V Tenacious here.

D/V Tenacious on Facebook