Si-Tech Quick Clamp Dry Cuff Retro Fit – 60940 To Attach to Existing Latex Seals

£37.80 (Ex-VAT: £31.50)


Quick Glove is the original of the SITECH range of Dry Glove Systems. A user friendly and versatile squeeze-on system. On by squeezing, Off by turning the release ring with one hand. This is a complete DIY dry glove system.

This Quick Clamp Dry Cuff Retro Fit system only needs the 2 rings supplied to attach to your existing latex seal. The quick glove slides easily into this. You can have warm dry hands in no time.

The Quick Clamp Dry Cuff Retro Fit set includes: Wrist Seal Ring and Stiff Ring.

This product does not include the Glove side

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