Stuart Girdler

Stuart Girdler has been diving since 1989 and instructing from 1992, a serving Army Officer, Stuart is at home teaching the new thrill seekers into the Ocean to the more experienced divers wishing to embark on Technical diving. As the Training officer of Army Sub Aqua Dive Association he gives regular support to many overseas and UK expeditions. Working with three of the mainstream dive agencies his spread of qualifications allows for a wide delivery of trg to his students.

As an Instructor trainer coach Stuart enjoys developing the future Instructors and Instructor Trainers of our industry whilst exploring many areas of our oceans, often diving in Egypt, Malta, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, UK and Norway his love of the undersea world is endless. Working with other partners Stuart is also supporting University diver training, bringing yet more young divers into the fold.

As the most recent member of the Otter team, Stuart gives honest and frank reports on new products, at times allowing for product enhancements, the release of the new Otter Aegean suit was a task given to Stuart by the HQ, some very slight tweaks in design see a new suit join the superb Otter product line. He not only teaches diving as a skill, he is also passionate about the underwater world and drives the protection of the underwater environment to all in his charge. 

Photo by Daniel Valek @feeldvision