Marinos Giourgas

Marinos started diving in 1987, and he still enjoys it with the same passion, if not more. He is the founder of Aegeantec, a team of divers offering Technical, Trimix and CCR diver training and supporting diving expeditions and trips to deep wreck diving destinations in various parts of the world.

Coming from a Navy Officer’s family the sea has always played a major role in his life. His enthusiasm to connect with nature and his passion about adventure and WW1 & 2 wrecks made it possible for him to participate in several expeditions in the Greek Seas in order to discover and explore the underwater relics of the past.

He is based in the southern coast of Athens managing the Technical diving section of one of the biggest dive centers in the area, providing training under the organizations of PADI, TDI and IANTD and guiding technical divers to unspoilt dive sites that only few divers – if any – will ever see. When Marinos is not in his Otter he spends time on his mountain bike and enjoys alpinism.

“… I cannot find the right words to describe the feeling of diving in a newly discovered wreck, a place where time has stopped many years ago. I share these moments with Otter not only because of its drysuits’ robustness, high quality and durability but also because behind my operations there has always been John and his team to support me.”

Instagram: aegeantec
FB: Marinos Aegeantec