Edoardo Pavia

Edoardo Pavia, born in 1964 in Biella, lives in Rome with his wife Gaia and their three sons, Guglielmo, Matilda and Leonardo. In 2000 Edoardo established Sea Dweller Divers, at the beginning of his career.

As a technical diver, Recreational Instructor, Instructor Trainer for Technical Divers, underwater cameraman and documentarist, exclusive distributer for AP Diving, Submerge Scooter, Seacraft DPV, Otter Dry suits, and retailer for brands such has VMS, Divesoft, 4th Element, Weezle, Gralmarine, Scurion, etc., Edoardo has turned his diving passion into a 360° full time job.

Edoardo has held an immense passion for the ocean since he was very young. He started exploring on one of the Aeolian islands, following his inspiring masters in diving and freediving, such has Enzo Sole, Santo Vinciguerra, Enzo Maiorca and Jaques Cousteau.

At the beginnings of the 90’s, Edoardo qualifies as a CMAS diverin his home town Biella. Some years later he began a round world tour that will took him to a very remote atoll in the Coral Sea, where he first cam across  a rebreather: a first generation Atlantis Draeger semi-closed sport unit. Back in Italy, Edoardo became one of the first technical divers of the so called “first generation”, soon becoming an IANTD Technical Instructor. Between 1999 and 2002 under the guide of Richard Stevenson and Kevin Gurr, he achieve the certifications that made him one of those few technical divers and instructors twho changed how we dive. Edoardo also spent a long period of time with the cave diving community, becoming  an IANTD and TDI Cavern Instructor. Edoardo has dived many of the most popular cave systems including in France, the United States, Australia and Mexico. 

In 2017, Edoardo was awarded the prestigious Golden Trident in the Sport and Explorative category and a few days later became a member of the Explorers Club.


2002: RMS Transylvania ship wreck diving expedition

2003: first HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition


  • Viminale ship wreck diving expedition
  • First diving expedition with the use of ECCR in Ukraine Black Sea, in Crimea

2006: second HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition

2007: RMS Carpathia ship wreck diving expedition


  • Andrea Doria ship wreck diving expedition
  • HMS Victoria ship wreck diving expedition

2009: third HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition

2012: XXVIII° Italian Expedition to Antarctica


  • fourth HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition
  • diving expedition on the Regio Submarine Sciré


  • fifth HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition
  • Regia Nave Regina Margherita ship wreck diving expedition

2021 sixth HMHS Britannic ship wreck diving expedition, permits released by authority for internal exploration. Identification and location of elements of great historical and archeological interest.